About Us deliverance ministry

Pastors Ken & Rosalia Heminger


Pastors Ken and Rosalia Heminger minister together as a husband and wife team. We also have dedicated team members who love deliverance ministry in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

 Pastor Ken Heminger is the founding Pastor of the NW Revival Center and was joined by Rosalia in marriage and ministry shortly thereafter. 

Pastors Ken and Rosalia also oversee the Jesus Christ the Deliverer Full Gospel Church USA in Tacoma, Washington which is a Philippines based church started by Bishop Teodulo Malangen and has over 90 churches worldwide. They believe in the power of healing prayers in the name of Jesus teaching living by faith and religion versus relationship.

Pastor Ken Heminger is the President of the Puyallup Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship in America since January 2014. Pastor Rosalia leads worship at the meetings of the Full Gospel Businessmen in Puyallup and Federal Way. Pastors Ken and Rosalia are involved in the Godmobile ministry which is an outreach to the local fairs.

Pastors Ken and Rosalia also oversee a Christian Coffeehouse which is hosted by the NW Revival Center at their South Tacoma Way location. They host live Christian music, street outreach and various ministries at the coffeehouse.

Pastors Ken and Rosalia both work full time. They are residents of Lakewood Washington.

Pastor Ken is from Auburn Washington and was saved on May 18, 1988 when Jesus appeared to him in a dream and filled him with the Holy Spirit. 

Rosalia Heminger is from the Philippines and was involved in evangelism in Hong Kong for 7 years.